The Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation was founded by Paul Rusesabagina, the real life hero of the acclaimed film Hotel Rwanda. Rusesabagina, portrayed by Don Cheadle in the film, saved the lives of more than 1200 people during the Rwandan genocide and has been honored internationally for his heroism. The Foundation works to prevent future genocides and raise awareness of the need for a new truth and reconciliation process in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region of Africa. Read more...

Irish NewsTalk’s “World in Motion” Interviews Paul on African Politics

Last Sunday, Paul was a guest on esteemed Irish journalist Shona Murray’s radio show “World in Motion” to discuss the current Rwandan regime’s use of propaganda and the need for increased transparency and accountability. Listen to the interview in its entirety below starting at the 4:40 mark.

Next Generation of Human Rights Activists Inspired by Genocide

For a new generation of human rights activists the atrocities of the Rwandan Genocide resonate and are inspiring action. For the last few months, students at the British School of Brussels have studied the Rwandan Genocide and made it their mission to raise money for the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation.

Last week, Paul and his wife attended the Charity RockShow at the British School of Brussels to benefit the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation.  During the show, Paul took to the stage to educate the students first-hand about their experiences during Genocide and the significant work that remains to be done. At the end of the rock show, the students of the British School of Brussels generously presented Paul with a check for the Foundation. “Seeing the auditorium filled with so many young men and women committed to tolerance and justice gave me faith that we are making significant progress,” said Paul. “I am excited for this relationship to grow.” Watch excerpts from the Charity RockShow and Paul’s interview at the school below.

Wiesel and Kagame: One is a Hero, the Other has Blood on His Hands

Paul Rusesabagina released this statement today regarding the upcoming event with Elie Wiesel and President Paul Kagame sharing the same stage in New York.

“As a Rwandan genocide survivor, I was very disturbed to hear that the NYU Bronfman Center and the Jewish Values Network is providing a forum for Rwandan President Paul Kagame to polish his image and tell more lies to the international community. My foundation and I were even more surprised to see that Elie Wiesel would agree to serve on a panel with Kagame.”

Paul Rusesabagina Open Letter Regarding Panel with Wiesel and Kagame


“The following pages tell a story… a story about how a few dedicated people can work tirelessly to change the futures of people–many of whom they will never meet, whose lives have been devastated by poverty, illness, conflict, genocide and war.

For those whose lives have been ruled by injustice and hatred, the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation brings a message of peace and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Included in these pages are statistics and numbers that provide information about the workings of the Foundation, but the real message lies in the stories of the women and children whose lives have been changed by your support and your kindness.

In the upcoming year, HRRF strives to meet the needs of many more who have no voice in their governments and no power to change the larger picture of their lives. I am ever humbled by the spirit of the human being, by the willingness of those to lift others out of despair and sadness.

We still have much work to do and with your continued help and support, the one common dream for so many people–a happy future for their children, can be the one dream that is realized.

Thank you for your continued support.”

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