Hotel Foundation

Welcome to the Hotel Foundation – the website that aims to showcase the corporate social responsibility of our network of hotels in the United States.

Note that we are the only network of American hotels that have corporate social responsibility or CSR programs. Our goal is to share economic, environmental and social benefits to the people in the communities where our hotels are located.

The CSRs that we engage in are long-term programs that really aim to contribute to the communities that we work with. We are not engaging with short-term or one-off programs that only aim to help the image of corporations. Rather, we make sure that our programs are sustainable and will leave deep and lasting impacts to the communities. If you would like to see for yourself that kind of work that we do, go out of your contemporary garage door in Chandler and see for yourself the projects that we are engaged in.

Why do we conduct CSR programs? It is for the following reasons:

1. We believe that companies have economic responsibilities to the communities that they work in.

Companies exist because they earn from the communities that they work in. It is then their responsibility to share a part of their profits. Being a good neighbor will actually reap a lot of benefits in the long run if the communities within or near our hotels and resorts benefit from a share of the profits.

2. We are committed to following our legal responsibilities.

While it is not specifically included in laws that companies must give back to the communities, part of the spirit of the laws of the land include being responsible n terms of labor laws and the companies’ impacts to the society.

3. We are an ethical network.

Our network of hotels take their ethical responsibilities seriously. This is because we believe that we have to give back as much as what we are getting.

4. We believe in philantrophy.

The management of the companies that we are working with all agree: it is important to be able to not just give back but pay forward everything that we are earning and receiving.

So you may ask, what kind of CSR projects are we engaged in? Well we actually have several, see some examples of the programs that we are engaged in below:

1. On-the-job training and employment

We offer several training and employment programs in our partner hotels. These programs are available for different types of skills, qualifications and even age brackets. Take advantage of these programs now. Some even lead to permanent employment opportunities.

2. Livelihood programs

We firmly believe in equipping individuals with the necessary skills that they can use in the job market. Take advantage of our various livelihood programs that offer training in cookery, craftsmanship, bartending, among others. We believe that these trainings will equip individuals with necessary skills that they can use when applying for jobs.

3. Community clean-up programs

We like keeping our environment clean and healthy. For this reason, we have various community clean-up programs that we implement.