Success Stories

Success Stories

In this page, we feature the various success stories that we have achieved through the years of implementing our CSR programs for our partner-hotels.

Building a better image for Hotel Bistro

In 2010, Hotel Bistro was earning negative press left and right. This is because of some practices that their former CEO instituted which was in violation of labor laws. The year after, in a bid to restore the image of the hotel chain, the board of directors removed the CEO and instituted some changes. These include the development of a corporate responsibility program that will help the hotel gain back its former glory.

The board of directors tapped Hotel Foundation in order to help them develop and implement the program. After consultations with the communities near the hotel, we made several recommendations. These include the following: creating a recreation space for kids in the communities to play in, implementing an on-the-job program for the adult members of the communities; and providing livelihood opportunities.

Hotel Bistro approved all of our recommendations. In 2012, we started rolling out the on-the-job program and internships. We were able to get all the out-of-school youths to participate in the program. This provided them with the ability to earn some money, provide for their families and get them off the streets. Meanwhile, we also started with providing livelihood trainings to the women in the communities in order to enable them to earn extra money while caring for their children and their families. These programs enjoyed widespread success and turned them into productive and upstanding members of their communities. It also earned untold media values for Hotel Bistro which they were able to capitalize in to turn their negative image around.

In mid-2012, we started the program of creating a park and recreation space for the children of the community. This was met by a resounding welcome and reclaimed back the positive reputation of Hotel Bistro.