We are happy that you are here. Please read through the various testimonials below to know what our partner-hotels and beneficiaries have to say about us.

Wilhelm Vanderbilt

I like the service provided by Hotel Foundation. They have really helped us establish connections with the communities that we are working in with the excellent CSR programs that they have implemented for us. They were able to really dissect what the communities need while at the same time making sure that the funding that we provide result to significant gains. I am definitely with the Hotel Foundation for the long haul.

Tristan Richards

I own a small chain of motels but have very limited funding. I was so happy that with our small budget, Hotel Foundation was able to create a program that made an impact in the lives of the communities where my motels are located. They created a lot of livelihood and training programs that resulted to more people developing their skills and getting better jobs. I and my motels have actually been featured in a lot of newspapers and even television shows for the work that Hotel Foundation has helped develop and implement.

Robert Wallis

With the help of Hotel Foundation, I got an educational scholarship that enabled me to attend college. Now, I have already got my college degree and will be working as a customer service representative in one of the hotel chains that they work with. It was definitely a win-win scenario for me. I hope that they will continue their advocacy and help other people in need such as my family.

Leanne Parks

With the help of Hotel Foundation, I got a job with a big hotel in our area. I started as an on-the-job trainee and then eventually got a permanent job with them as a chambermaid. I am so happy that now I have a regular job and stable earnings to support my growing family.